Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The wonders of Holland

Hej hallå!
We are now in the most liberal state in the European Union,
which is probably why we meet so many Americans here.
Utrecht is a lot like Lund, but bigger, better, more canals,
more coffeeshops, more porn, BIGGER red light district,
freakishly tall people, and an abnormal amount of bicycles.
We live in a corridore which, of course, is never cleaned, and
the Spanish people smoke weed all the time, while the Polish
girls gets late night visits and giggles. The American boys are
like American boys usually are, polite, horny and always ready
to party, we mainly hang out with the american boys, and their
gang of other americans, and debate whether George Michael
or Peter Gabriel was the most important artist of the late 80's.

The beer is great and cheap, so far we've been to Amsterdam,
Maastricht, Willemstad and Antwerp, it was great. There is
a party every night but the biggest nights to party are oddly
enough tuesdays and thursdays, which means we are hung
over when we are supposed to debate romantic British authors
and European law, but hey, who said we're here for school?

Take care and enjoy!
Josefin och Johanna

Friday, February 23, 2007

Granada for two!

Hey all you IPES-friends!
The city of Granada has welcomed us as inhabitants. We have only spent a little more than a week here but we can definitely decide that so far so good. Julia is getting marriage proposals from all kinds of spanish hombres and anna is about to turn into a "perroflauta" (three dreads and a flute doing absolutely nothing during the days). We cite Celine: We do not know where this is heading...

check out our own blogspot (yeah we know Johan you have it to) at

Take care you guys, and do not forget worldpeace is the word!

(ok we admit, we might have had one glas or two of cava when we're writing this )

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hi everybody and greetings from Istanbul!

As the special person I am I have created my own blog at:

check it out!

Hope u all are having fun!

Johan Åman

Monday, February 5, 2007


What can I say? Is it like I imagined? Better or maybe even worth? I think it’s everything. In one week thanks to the five different parties we’ve had in my flat, I’ve probably gotten introduced to around 200 people. For some reason I have a hard time to remember all the names. Evidently my apartment is a legend! Every person I’ve been talking to is giving me different warnings and inside gossip. Since day 3 the apartment has turned in to a real bar! Now we have a draught master and a tequila bar butler. I don’t know where this is heading…


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fabolous Grenoble!


I'm in the wine, cheese and baguette country, as far as in the Alps, in Grenoble- the capital of the Alps- a typical student city. It's such beautiful here!!
The city is sourrounded by large snow- covered mountains. Well, one side of Grenoble has snow and the other has'nt. How come? hmm.. And its also the smell of croissants- everywhere!

I just love La France and French!! And checkier.. France hasn't developed much since we stopped using checks in Scandinavia in the 70's (wasnt it the 70s?). I got a new check book now when I reopened my old french bancaccount. Hahha yeah lucky..

It's sunny, about 15 degrees and yeah that's very unusual in january.. Just waiting for some more snow...

I live in the middle of everything. Just about 2-3 min from the main street and the place where "everything happens". The appt is also really nice! I share with a really nice french girl!!

School starts on monday next week so still have a couple of days off. :-D

So how are u guys doing? Jan, Mimmi and I are the only one abroad right? yeah, and Fred. She left for Germany early sunday morning!

Bises from Grenoble

Monday, January 15, 2007

First blog

Hi you guys!
This is our fabulous new blog!
I hope you are going to be very active and write stuff in here so we can all follow each others experiences.